Transport Form – Kidzonia Credence International School


Residential Address:
I/We hereby request Kidzonia Credence International School to provide daily transport to my aforesaid ward to attend the school. I/We have appraised my/our self of the current transport routes run by the school. In case the school transport does not cover this point or if the school transport ceases to ply to this point, I/We make arrangements to pick up/drop my/ our child/ward at the nearest stop advised by the school, I/We undertake that once the route is allotted as per the address given, there will be no change in the route for the entire academic year. I/We under take that my/our child /ward shall abide to and follow all the RULES, Regulations, Do’s and Don’ts as specified and may be specified by the school. I/We understand that all reasonable safety precautions are followed by the school. I/We do release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless school officers, employees, Directors, their agents, representatives or assigns. (1/We) hereby waive all claims, liabilities, and/or suits against school officers, employees, Directors, their agents, representatives or assigns, for any injury to (my child/ward) or any loss due to the use of such transport. I/We agree to pay the school transport fee prescribed by the school and | understand that it is an annual charge which is non refundable.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

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