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We’re on a mission to change the world by unlocking everyone’s potential for learning. We want to hear from you if you believe that the current “one-size-fits-all” educational system needs to be completely revamped and that mastering performable skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and logical thinking are more important than simply assimilating information. Come be a part of the revolution.

Why work @ KCIS

At KCIS, we have set clear expectations for each teacher’s professional development plan. As part of this process, we solicit feedback from teachers, use data to demonstrate the impact, and work to develop the skills of others in order to make high expectations a reality and measure how well they are met. By utilising professional growth plans to increase knowledge of content and research-based practices, we are best positioned to support the alignment of individual plans with district and school goals. As we make and use professional development plans, we talk about how important it is to keep learning, reflect, and improve teaching and learning.

KCIS offers a number of competitive advantages. We want to help you achieve your goal of assisting children in learning, whether that means providing you with a retirement and pension package through a provident fund or providing your children with free tuition and daycare fees. As a school, we invest in our employees’ professional growth by giving them training and growth opportunities that fit with their personal and professional goals. Encourage a culture of lifelong learning and development. Teachers at KCIS are recognized and thanked for their efforts, and they are given opportunities for feedback.

Our team is composed of creative thinkers and committed educators. We give them a lot of autonomy in their functional roles to help them grow and master them, resulting in a culture that is more flexible, fun, stimulating, and collaborative.

We encourage staff members to talk to each other with respect and to listen to and understand each other. Foster a positive working environment, encourage open dialogue, and establish clear communication channels. We encourage employee collaboration and teamwork and foster a culture of trust and support. Staff members are encouraged to work together on projects, and there are ways for them to work together across departments.

When possible, we offer flexible work schedules to assist people in finding a good balance between work and life. We encourage our employees to take breaks and put themselves first, and we help them find a balance that works for them.

KCIS fosters a culture of growth and optimism by employing people who think and act positively. We create an atmosphere where teachers can focus on solutions instead of problems and approach problems with a “growth mindset.”

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