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Kidzonia International Preschool, Daycare and Playschool

Suraka Education Society,
Plot No-24, Nallagandla, Serilingampally Mandal, R.R. Dstrict, Hyderabad, Telangana 500019
+91 9100 25 6256

Unlocking Knowledge with the EXPLORE Curriculum at Kidzonia International School

Discover a dynamic learning journey with the Kidzonia Explore Curriculum, a program that empowers kids to explore and understand their world.

Integrating subject knowledge and skills within a theme-based structure, the EXPLORE Curriculum, adopted by this Montessori and international school, allows students to consolidate skills and forge meaningful connections between subjects. With a commitment to engagement, learning gains significance when it has a context and central theme, making it more relatable to personal experiences.

The unique Explore Curriculum, embodying a multidisciplinary and thematic approach, caters to diverse learning needs. It seamlessly integrates various educational domains and skills through theme-based learning, enabling children to explore concepts through experiential learning activities. This aligns with the school's mission to provide a scientific context to their curriculum and educational ideas.

EXPLORE - Unveiling its Essence?








Kidzonia International School, as a top school in Hyderabad and a technology-driven institution, incorporates cutting-edge technological tools into its curriculum, ensuring that every student has tailored opportunities to directly experience each idea. The program is personalized to meet the unique needs and abilities of each child, encouraging them to play to their strengths.

Celebrating Explore

As part of our commitment to providing a well-rounded education, our students get to explore different areas of interest, exhibit their talents, and learn through hands-on creation. Culmination Day is a special day for our primary schoolers, where they have the opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity, and knowledge in a fun and interactive manner. One of the highlights is the opportunity for students to try out different activities and explore their interests. Students are encouraged to showcase their projects, models, artwork, and other creative works that they have been diligently working on throughout the academic year. By presenting their projects and creations in front of an audience, students learn to articulate their thoughts, express their ideas, and receive feedback. Parents also play a significant role, as they are invited to witness the culmination of their child’s learning journey.

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