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Field Trips

Field trips are a valuable teaching tool for schools because they give students practical learning experiences that complement and improve on what they learn in the classroom. At KCIS the field visits assist to bring concepts to life for kids, making them more interesting and memorable. As a result, they help students develop a broader understanding and appreciation of the world around them. Field trips also expose kids to new and different places, cultures, and viewpoints. It helps foster teamwork, socialising, and problem-solving abilities, all of which are advantageous for kids’ academic and personal growth.

Park Visit - Teacher with Students

Guest Lectures

The use of guest lecturers can help teachers reinforce academic concepts from fresh angles. At KCIS, we make sure to offer frequent guest lectures from top professionals in the field to assist students understand ideas beyond what they are being taught in the classroom. They also provide a jumping off point for class discussions and deeper investigation of the subject.

Annual Excursion

In addition to the usual field trips KCIS also organises entertaining annual excursions. These excursions are not simply for instructional purposes; they can also be taken for fun to amusement parks, beaches, or other exciting locations. The excursion’s goals are to give students an enjoyable and instructive experience outside of the classroom and to foster a sense of community among peers.

Annual Excursion

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