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Kidzonia International Preschool, Daycare and Playschool

Suraka Education Society,
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Why choose an International School?

24 Jan, 2024

We all know that getting the right education, from kindergarten through to high school, is an essential part of shaping the future of our children. It is the first step in preparing them for adult life – providing the introduction of a structured schedule; the opportunity to widen their social circle; the acquisition of skills and knowledge. The world is a big place, and we are now more globally connected than ever before.

More and more, International Schools are becoming a popular choice for parents seeking to give their children the best possible academic opportunities. The benefits of international education are staggering and undeniable, not only from an academic standpoint but also from a perspective of personal development and growth.

The Benefits of Studying in an International School

Academic Excellence: One of the benefits of choosing an international school is the international curriculum used to educate children. It nurtures a love of learning and inquiry in students. Allowing students to increase their knowledge base, demonstrates their comprehension and then act upon what they’ve learned.

Personalized learning: The way we learn as individuals is as unique as we are; people retain information in different ways, and that is exactly how this approach to learning is tailored.

With a personalized learning curriculum, programs are balanced in a way that provides opportunities for each student to explore and develop in areas that they are interested in or passionate about.

Balanced Programs: Through balanced programs, each and every student has a chance to explore a variety of disciplines and identify areas they are passionate about. Whether it be through arts, athletics, academics, service-learning, or after-school initiatives, balanced programs help give your children excellent educational experiences to help them achieve their dreams.

Dedicated Support Systems: An International School has an excellent support system and staff. The support staff is available to aid students in need and to work collaboratively with faculty, parents, and students to develop programs that meet the individual needs of each student.

Kidzonia Credence International School is also such a school that follows the International Primary Curriculum and is committed to educating minds and transforming lives through a holistic approach to education.

So it goes without saying that Kidzonia Credence International School provides a multicultural structured, supervised environment in which children’s interest, curiosity, and creativity are inspired at class and beyond.